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Having embraced the world of social media, I decided it was about time I started writing a personal blog!!! I thought it would be an excellent way of sharing some of my experiences with the world!!! Also, it provides me with a platform to “have a rant” about topics that are of interest to me and to share some of the things that make me laugh!

My background:

I first entered the world of IT recruitment in 1979 when I joined the now defunct company KPG in Brentford. That was when the bug bit and I have been involved in and around the IT recruitment marketplace ever since. With spells in England working at a senior level for the likes of FI Recruitment (now Steria) and Kudos (now part of Hudson), I moved to Glasgow in 1996 to take up a managerial post with Nesco and the rest is history.

In addition to my lengthy track record in recruitment, my passion for sales and business management is still my primary driver. I am currently doing ad hoc consultancy work in the recruitment, HR and/or social media fields.

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  1. Hi Tessa
    Thanks for visiting New Future today. I have just been reading your blog at home tonight, and i am really enjoying it. You are an amazing woman. I will be keeping up to date with your trip next month, and hope you have a great time, (i’m sure you will, it sounds great)
    Thanks again for giving up your time and putting up with the lads today, they enjoyed it.

  2. Thanks Joan – I enjoyed it, they’re certainly characters aren’t they?!?
    Pleased you like the blog – it started out as just a bit of fun and is quickly becoming an obsession!!! Have you tried the other one, http://bigeasyroadtrip.wordpress.com? – an unashamed plug to get the stats up lol!!! Hope to see you again soon. Tx

  3. Calyn and Patrick Keohane

    Hi Tessa,

    You probably don’t remember us but we had a conversation about you tonight and we thought we would try to look you up to see how you are getting on. Obviously you are doing very well! We’ve visited Glasgow a few years back and imagine it is a fine place to be!

    Patrick remembers you from Archdeacon of Cambridge and I know you from Thames Valley! We both recognize you from your Blog photo on the internet.

    We both were saying what a lovely person you were and we wish you all the best for the future!

    Happy Christmas!

    From Patrick and Calyn Keohane now living in Norfolk

    • How lovely to hear from you! The internet is such a wonderful thing isn’t it??? I do remember you Calyn but sorry not Patrick – that was just a little too long ago!!! I’ve been living in Glasgow since 1996 but do visit friends in Twickenham still from time to time, although rarely do I hear from anyone from Thames Valley as I lost touch with most people during my disasterous marriage (but that’s another story!).

      Merry Christmas to you both too – Keep in touch x

  4. Hi there stranger, long time no see!!! I killed my phone so have lost your number…give us a call…I am sure we are overdue a lunch!! Lou xx

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