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Insurance Scams by Sian Lewis

Thank you Sian for your email today which reads as follows:

Would you like to do a blog on insurance scams? 

  • Apparently the “quotation” that they  send you for (automatic – you do not need to do anything) renewal cannot possibly be as cheap as the “discount” that is only available at the time you ring up (and possibly not necessarily even then – their first question is whether you are ringing to renew so I suspect they might not mention any discount if you don’t). 
  • But, my favourite (to date), is that if you enter all your information on-line,  but then go into a branch you have to pay twice as much because you have to pay for them re-entering your data.  And that’s before I even get to having to provide proof of ID for a face to face meeting (but not an on-line booking). 
  • Or that both the Co-op and John Lewis refused to give me a quote on-line (they don’t give a reason). 
  • And the home insurance “quotation” they send you when you are due to renew offers unlimited liability which is why it is £300 dearer than the cover you originally agreed (with a person not a computer programme). But if you ring up for another quotation you have to give them ALL the information that they already have because it’s done on a different system. 

Can I assume that if even the staff can’t get the information neither can the criminals? No, thought not.  And there was me moaning that Eurostar were out of order for charging £4 to pay by credit card!

Wow!  That was some rant (but please don’t get her started on her new windows!!!).


Diabetes UK and JDRF UK believe everyone needs to be aware of the symptoms of type 1 diabetes. They are working together to raise awareness of the condition and to make sure the signs and symptoms are spotted immediately. This video, produced by Garo Berberian of Fabled Films, features children living with type 1 diabetes and showing the most common symptoms of the condition.  About 2,000 children a year are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in the UK. Please share this video with your friends, family and schools to make sure they are aware of the symptoms of type 1 diabetes. If not diagnosed quickly enough, your child will get very sick, very quickly.

For more info:
DUK Facebook:
JDRF Facebook:
DUK Twitter:
JDRF Twitter:
DUK website:
JDRF website:


The Joys of Public Transport by Lorraine Rew

The reason I couldn’t start a blog is because there’d be more moans and gripes than joy spreading! Why oh why oh why do people need their headphones so loud that the whole bus has to suffer it?   Are they inconsiderate or just plain ignorant?   You might say don’t get the bus but we can’t leave the buses full of these morons!   And if they have to do it, does it have to be Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now?!!   Gr, moan over! 🙂


The birth of the Fairy Lights King

It all started about 15 years ago. We had a party at home – got the food, the drink, the music – everything organised and then someone said “What about the lights” Just changing the lightbulb in the lounge didn’t seem enough so I went out and hired some coloured spotlights that flashed in time to the music and a smoke machine – well it was the 90s. It was the talk of the party – people didn’t realise you could create such a professional party atmosphere in your front room!. I reckoned there was an opportunity to do something exciting and what started out as a hobby became a real business “Party Lights” in 2002.
Whether it’s a private party at home, a wedding or a corporate event, most venues benefit from additional lighting. Function rooms, marquees , gardens – Party Lights can give them all the WOW factor. There is nowhere that I can’t improve with a Fairy Light curtain, canopy or column, and over the years I have become something of a fairy light expert! We now have offices in Twickenham, Reading, Exeter and Bristol and have expanded to include Drape Hire as well.
I’ve decided to start a blog – it’s sounds like a fun thing to do and I want to share some of the experiences I have and hopefully inspire people with ideas for making their special events, extra special.
by Lighting Man
For a free quote please email us at include venue location).Alternatively call us on 020 8892 3444.

A few people have approached me to ask if I’d write about specific topics that are of interest to them.  I’ve thought long and hard about this and have come to the conclusion that people write better about a topic if it comes from the heart!  I have therefore decided to open this page up to Guest Bloggers and if you have an article or item that you’d like me to include, please email it to me in Word format to and it might get published here.  You should also include your photograph where possible and any pictures you want included in your post.

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