Daily Archives: August 19, 2012

Post-holiday blues

We spend weeks, sometimes months, looking forward to our annual holiday and all too soon it is a distant memory.  The suntan starts to peel and/or fade and the harsh realities of everyday life come crashing back almost before the wheels of your returning aircraft have hit the home tarmac!

So what’s the answer?  In years gone by I have come straight home and booked the next holiday, thus ensuring that I do have something else to look forward to, away from the uncertain climate that we live in here in the  UK.  Perhaps this year I will try something different …

How about actually doing something positive and trying to eat more healthily and lose weight?  Sounds simple doesn’t it, but the reality is always so much harder!

As the southern half of the UK is bathed in sunshine and enjoying record temperatures, up here in Scotland it is naturally grey and cloudy with little hope of the sun breaking through the storm clouds that are gathering.  So when I saw this poster, it made me laugh out loud – just about sums up my mood perfectly!!!

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