Daily Archives: July 24, 2011

Weekend round-up

From the intense activity on Twitter, it seems that we all have an opinion on the the tragic, if not entirely unexpected, death of the singer Amy Winehouse at the age of 27. It is always shocking when somebody so young makes an untimely departure from this planet but as a friend of mine pointed out on hearing the news “Drink and drugs don’t ruin you, you ruin yourself”. It is too easy to blame the eventual cause and not to address the reasons why someone who would appear to have everything ended up in such a mess. She had a true, raw talent that it seemed no-one (Amy included) was prepared to nurture but instead, this tortured soul had access to the money and the hangers on that led her to her untimely death. Such a waste.

On a much lighter note, we were well represented in sporting events for once this weekend, with Amir Khan putting on a boxing masterclass to to knock out Zab Judah in five rounds in their light-welterweight fight in Las Vegas and Lewis Hamilton winning the German Grand Prix, moving him up to third place in the championship. I am neigher a Boxing nor a Motor Racing Fan but I am still pleased to see the Brits putting on a good performance and proving we’re not as rubbish as we think we are!!!

The SPL got underway with the early start of the new season and there was the inevitable win for Celtic and a disappointing draw for Rangers. Let’s just hope there is more of a spark when the Barclays Premiership starts on 13th August.

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