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Chinese Proverb of the Day

Failure lies not in falling down.

Failure lies in not getting up!

I’m stuck on you!

Far too often we find ourselves complaining about poor customer service, reading about the problems we face with difficult suppliers and consequently being inordinately pleased at having received the barest minimum of success when ordering things online.

It is important, therefore, to make sure that when you receive a service which is above and beyond what you could ever expect, that you make sure you shout this from the rafters and give that organisation the credit it deserves (and hopefully a few more orders as a result!).

Friends, please let me introduce you to www.motivationinlearning.com, based in Co. Down, N.Ireland and in particular their subsidiary www.superstickers.com.

I was looking for some reasonably priced stickers for a promotional event I was organising in Falkirk and a google search led me to the Superstickers site.  It was extremely simple to upload the image I required onto the website, I ticked the box stating I was happy with the image and sat back and waited for my stickers to arrive.  Sure enough, a few days later they were dropping through my letterbox, carefully packaged, and exactly what I wanted.  I was delighted.

Coincidentally, a couple of days later, a business acquaintance asked me if I knew of somewhere she could get some stickers from and I naturally told her about superstickers.com.  I suggested that since I had all the details to hand, if she provided me with her logo I would have the stickers made for her.  This she agreed to do and I duly went through the same process for her stickers, uploading the image onto their website, paying the requisite amount and was prepared to just sit back and wait for the delivery as I had done on the previous occasion.

I was surprised therefore to receive an email a couple of days later from Superstickers saying there was a problem with the stickers.  When they ran them off, the image was blurred and they asked if I could send them a jpeg file of the image to see if that made things clearer.  I emailed them the file straight away and thought no more about it.  Imagine my surprise therefore when I received a phone call from Rita at Motivation in Learning to see if there was another solution as the file I’d sent was still not producing a good enough quality end product.  After a brief discussion we decided that it would be best if they substituted one of the images I’d sent with something they already had and the very next day I received the finished stickers which are absolutely perfect and exactly what I’d wanted.

All this for an end product that cost less than £10.  I wholeheartedly recommend Motivation in Learning and Superstickers. The service is above excellent, the people delightful and the finished product is of a quality that is second to none


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