‘Please **** off, you’re too stupid to get a job’

This was the email that a “top recruitment executive” sent out last week and he has now been forced to quit his job – after he mistakenly sent the expletive-filled rejection email to 4,000 people.

Gary Chaplin, who reputedly earned £200,000 per year at Manchester firm Stark Brooks, received a mass-mailed enquiry from Manos Katsampoukas.  But instead of replying to just him, he accidentally replied to all the 4,000 employment leads Katsampoukas had contacted in the first place.  The Sun reported that Mr Chaplin was so incensed by the email, he replied by telling the prospective employee to ‘f*** off’.

He told Mr Katsampoukas: ‘I think I speak for all 4000 people you have emailed when I say, “Thanks for your CV” – it’s nice to know you are taking this seriously.’

Mr Chaplin added: ‘Please f*** off … you are too stupid to get a job, even in banking.’ He ended it: ‘Yours hitting the delete button Have a nice day!’

His reply sparked uproar in the recruitment industry, with one recipient replying that it was ‘appalling’ and added: ‘It displays an unbelieveable degree of arrogance’.

Mr Chaplin has had to resign over the matter and told newspapers: ‘I am mortified by what I did … It was a moment of idiocy.’ 

‘I am now looking for a job just a few days before Christmas. If I could turn back the clock I would. I will regret this forever.’ 

So who is the stupid one now Gary???

After 30 years in the recruitment industry nothing amazes me anymore – as has been said on more than one occasion that I am aware of If you can do, do. If you can’t do, teach. If you can’t teach – become a recruiter.  No wonder our industry gets such a bad name!!!

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