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Ladies, it’s a Leap Year!

Today, 29th February, is the day when in Britain it is a tradition that women may propose marriage.  It is said that this tradition goes way back to the 5th century although there is little evidence to support this.  What is definite however is that while in an ordinary year, girls might be happy to wait for the man to do the asking, almost half of unmarried women polled in a recent survey would take advantage of a leap year to propose to their partner on February 29 – though two thirds would still expect their partner to buy them a ring!  It also revealed that three quarters of men nationwide would have ‘no problem’ with being proposed to.

So come on Ladies, this opportunity will not come your way again for another 4 years – and don’t forget to talk to Party Lights about the lighting hire for your reception!

This little piggy

The latest ‘fad’ amongst people with more money than sense is to buy one of these adorable little micropigs.  With their wrinkled little snouts, tiny trotters and oversized ears, they are irresistibly cute.  But while these micro pigs may be minuscule, their price tag is anything but.  In exchange for up to £700, owners take home a pet which weighs just 9oz at birth and is the size of a tea cup.  Two years later the pigs are fully grown – but still only weigh up to 65lb and stand at around 14in tall.  They can live for up to 18 years and make popular  pets as they are low maintenance, quiet and surprisingly clean.

I would love one but think the idea may be slightly better than the reality – whichever way you look at it, pigs were never meant to be domestic pets!

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