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Always in our hearts

Today, 2nd December 2011, is the 6th anniversary of the death of my amazing Dad, Leonard Jack Lewis.  3 days after his 78th birthday he died suddenly at home and we still miss his warmth, energy and humour every day.

I know I am biased but Dad really was “one in a million” and I am immensely proud of what he achieved and the man that he was.  His knowledge and creativity was always inspiring and his passion for creating good television drama guided by a strong moral compass was a true credit to him and he certainly instilled these values in me from a very young age, together with a somewhat wicked sense of humour that I also seem to have inherited!

It took me a long while to realise why every Sunday afternoon felt very strange to me until I suddenly realised that I was still waiting for his telephone call which came every Sunday, as regular as clockwork, for absolutely as long as I can remember. 

In some ways the pain of his loss does ease gradually each week/month/year that passes but he will never be forgotten and is always in our hearts.  Love you Dad x

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