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Hi de hi Edinburgh!

Well it didn’t take too long did it?   Just a few days into the infamous Edinburgh Tram service and the complaints are starting already.

Residents living near an Edinburgh tram stop are calling for its tannoy system to be switched off after it could be heard several streets away.

One resident said: “I woke up on Saturday morning thinking my bed was in an airport arrival terminal.”

Another woman compared it to 1980s TV sitcom Hi-de-Hi in which holiday camp visitors are blasted awake with a morning tannoy announcement.


Today they are apparently broadcasting information regarding this evening’s One Direction concert at Murrayfield  in addition to the actual tram information the system was designed for.  Not so much a case of “Hello Campers”, but more “Hello Harry Styles!”…..

Just saying!

Disclaimer: Any suggestion of a certain boy band member’s sexuality is the opinion of the writer alone and not based on any facts whatsoever!!!

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