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We all love an eccentric …

… but we especially love a well-known face who is eccentric – and they don’t come much weirder than Man City’s Mario Balotelli!


Manchester City footballer Mario Balotelli shocked students and teachers when he wandered into a local school during lunchtime recently to ask if he could use the toilets.  Roaring up to the school in his luxury white Bentley at 1.30pm one Thursday, blues star Balotelli parked his distinctive vehicle and strolled into the canteen at Xaverian College in Manchester.  The loopy Italian then asked to be pointed to the bathrooms before embarking on an impromptu meet-and-greet.

Accompanied by three friends, Balotelli cruised into the staffroom to speak to surprised teachers, before bowling around the campus as the student supporters of Manchester City cheered.  After 20 minutes, Balotelli climbed back into his Bentley and drove off, leaving stunned students in his wake.

This is not the first time that Mario Balotelli has entertained us with his capricious capers.

When the footballer crashed his Audi R8 in 2010, a police pat down uncovered £5,000 in cash in his back pocket.  Asked why he had so much money on him, he simply replied “because I am rich”. 

Balotelli and his brother were arrested for driving into an all-female prison in Italy.   After questioning by police, they said they had simply gone in because they were “curious”.

The Italian also walked into a pub over Christmas 2010 and put £1,000 behind the bar for local drinkers before spending the night on soft drinks.   Later, during Midnight Mass at St John’s Church, Chorlton he stuffed £200 into the collection box.

It didn’t take much searching to find this hilarious video – Love him or hate him, he could never be accused of being boring!!!

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