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Stairway to ….. nowhere!

This is hilarious! A fellow commuter captured this footage of a businessman, wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase, trying to ride down to the tube on a escalator moving upwards at Tottenham Court Road. Despite getting absolutely nowhere, the unnamed man continues to take on the escalator with dogged determination. And he keeps going even when several other passengers point out he is walking the wrong way. Looks like he’d stopped in the pub for quite a few before embarking on his journey – let this be a lesson to him as this video goes viral and all his workmates, friends and family witness his walk of shame!

King of the road?

Now here’s an image I didn’t expect to see!  Prince Charles on a Harley … well at least he’s a King of sorts at last!!!

He was meeting bikers from the Royal British  Legion Riders Club at St James’s Palace as part of London Poppy Day and luckily he didn’t appear to notice the badge on the back of one of the biker’s leather jackets which read “F*** off I don’t like you.”

Next time, perhaps, he should come along in  his leathers and boots rather than his suit and brogues and he might not look so out of place!


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