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Holy hashtag!

The big news of the day seems to be the fact that Pope Benedict XVI has joined Twitter, although he won’t be sending his first tweet until 12th December – just in time for the Christmas messages I presume?!

Using the handle @pontifex, I am sure he won’t be sending the tweets himself [there’ll be a man for that in his entourage of course] but I’m probably not the only person who’d really enjoy seeing him bring out his Blackberry or iPad from underneath his cassock during an open air Mass!

Pope on Twitter

News Flash! Easter Bunny at the Vatican!

Apparently the Easter Bunny has arrived early at the Vatican.

Pope Benedict XVI was presented on Wednesday with an enormous, 250-kilogram (550-pound), 2.2-metre (7.2-foot) tall chocolate Easter egg by Italian chocolatier Tosca, which specialises in oversized cocoa confections.  The Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano said Benedict plans to donate the egg, which features the papal coat of arms, to a juvenile detention centre in Rome.

I have 3 observations to make about this story:

  1. How appropriate is a chocolate egg as a gift for the head of the Catholic Church? 
  2. Looking at the picture, the egg itself seems to be aping the leaning tower of Pisa with a definite tilt to the left!
  3. I bet that woman wished she hadn’t borrowed her (somewhat larger) husband’s jumper for the photo call!
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