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My new obsession

One of the best parts of organising the recent launch of Popinjay was the ordering of branded goods to promote the company. Even better was the searching of various internet sites to find the best value for money deals around. I have hit on a fantastic way of getting amazing deals and wanted to share this with you – it’s brilliant!!!

There’s a company called Vistaprint which I believe is based in Holland but supplies across the globe. Check out your inbox for emails from them as the deals they have, which are ongoing, are incredible and not available if you go directly to their website.

My first order was for 100 buttefly postcards for Popinjay. At a cost of just £4.70 for postage and packaging, I was so delighted I ordered a further 100 (again for £4.70) for the film we’re promoting, Making Ugly.

I was on a roll!

I then managed to order a banner and again was just charged for the postage and packing. It is excellent quality and made of a fairly hardy vinyl material so should last a long time. Guess what? I felt compelled to order another one so that we can create a much bigger impression at venues in the future!

This second banner arrived in the post this morning and it led me to think that there were other products that I could order, again at significantly lower cost than usually available. On checking my email, sure enough there was another message from Vistaprint with yet more offers available. Without delay I ordered some mugs for the office and some canvas bags and window decals!!! This time the products were discounted and postage and packing was free – another brilliant deal. As I think you can see from the images here, this is a very effective way of marketing your business but, as with any new start-up, money is tight and although these things are very useful, you have to be careful not to get carried away and make sure you’ve done your research to minimise costs wherever possible.

So, my advice to you is as follows. Sign up to Vistaprint at www.vistaprint.com but don’t order anything. Wait a few days and the email offers will be sent through to you and you can happily start uploading your images and getting your promotional products for free!

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