All is not what it seems

London 2012 organisers have been forced to apologise for airbrushing the historic World War II ship HMS Belfast from an official poster depicting the capital’s skyline.  Games organisers said it was “a simple mistake in the advertising production process” for London 2012 Festival.   The ship, which served in both World War II and the Korean War, has been moored near Tower Bridge since 1971.

A London 2012 spokesman said: “HMS Belfast was unfortunately excluded from one of the seven adverts for the London 2012 Festival.  “We are very sorry about this – it was a simple mistake in the advertising production process, and we apologise if this mistake has caused offence.  The mistake has been rectified and posters without HMS Belfast in are being removed.”

One of my own personal favourite Photoshop blunders is this one – how on earth did this manage to get past quality control???


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  1. Ha ha, how did nobody manage to notice this before it got out! So weird.

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