Where are they now?

As a child of the 70’s I was a regular in the audience at Top of the Pops.  It got so bad that sometimes my parents were known to moan when we watched it the following day – “Are we going to see anyone else but you?” as I always managed to get myself on camera for the bulk of the show!

Happily, most of the tapes must have been destroyed as I’ve yet to see myself on any of the re-runs on BBC4!  I have, however managed to come across this tape of a rehearsal for a 1975 show which shows you what a good fun show it used to be to work on and to watch! 

OK, we know where Noel Edmonds is these days but the David Essex stand-in?  If you know who and where he is, please let me know – not to mention Legs & Co who must surely have hung up their dancing shoes by now!

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