Is this wrong?

I’ve always thought that people who dress their dogs up in clothes are slightly disturbed – think the likes of Paris Hilton and various other useless Z-listers who are “papped” on a regular basis with their Yorkshire Terriers and Chihuahuas with bows in their hair and poking out the top of oversized handbags.

Why then, did I feel the need to get my poor Cocker Spaniel, Sylva, a grey hoodie?  I have absolutely no idea what possessed me but I have to say that I am completely delighted with it – every time I look at her I can’t stop laughing – she looks so cute.  Oh well, guess I’ve finally lost the plot!

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  1. Haha…Sylva certainly looks happy…I actually didnt think it was possible for her to look more adorable than she usually does…how wrong was I!!!!! Oh …and…PS….one question….dont you actually have to have a plot to lose it in the first place???LOL… know I love you just as you are you gorgeous person!!! 🙂

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