It’s the ‘Ender of an era!

As a teenager I was madly in love with David Essex.  His pictures were plastered all over my bedroom walls, I went to his concerts, I even wore white flares for a while, his signature look!  He was beautiful – his long, darly curly hair and twinkling eyes sent my hormones into overdrive and I thought I was in love!!!  I was actually lucky enough to talk to him in the BBC bar one night after a Top of the Pops appearance – I thought all my Christmases had come at once!!! 

Imagine my surprise, therefore, when tuning into an episode of Eastenders recently and hearing that lovely lilting voice of his, turning round to the TV and being confronted by this elderly looking man, somewhat out of shape, white-haired and bald – oh how I could have wept!!!  The voice was the same, the sparkly eyes were still there – but where has that sex symbol gone?

Oh, and the goatee beard is a definite no no!!!

I wish he hadn’t taken the part in Eastenders and I could forever remember the long dark curly haired boy he used to be.  My dreams of when he would “Hold me Close” and “Make me a star” would remain intact. 

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  1. He’s not that bad Tessa!!!

  2. You’ve got to be joking – he’s aged really badly lol!!!

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