You think you know someone

Driving up to Scone Palace in Perthshire on Saturday morning, myself, Geraldine and Russell were in high spirits. We were off to the Rewind Festival where an array of acts from the 80s were going to strut their somewhat arthritic stuff on a bright and sunny afternoon. To get ourselves into the mood we had the hits of the 80s blaring out the car stereo while we sang along and took in the stunning views as we crossed the Forth Road Bridge heading north. A Spandau Ballet discussion took place … but more of that later!

The headline act was Tony Hadley but others appearing on that day were Rick Astley, Billy Ocean, ABC, Bananarama, T’Pau, Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Hazel O’Connor, The Beat, Cutting Crew, The Bluebells, Go West and Hue & Cry, but not necessarily in that order!

For me, the definite highlight of the day was Billy Ocean.  Boy, he may be 61 years old now but he is still the smoothest operator around and knows how to get the audience into the palm of his hand within a few seconds.

For Russell, however, it seemed as though his highlight was Bananarama!  From the minute the 2 girls stepped onto the stage (yes, I know there used to be 3 of them), Russell was beside himself, jumping up and down (more or less in time with the music) and singing along at the top of his voice and yes, he knew all the words!  I’m not sure who was more surprised, me or his wife!  Neither of us had absolutely any idea he was clearly a closet fan of their work and the image of his pure enjoyment at their set will stay with me for a very long time.  Never again will I see my pinstripe suited friend in the same light I can tell you!

But back to the Spandau Ballet conversation.  In the car Russell announced that Tony Hadley would end the night by singing True.  I disagreed (obviously) and insisted that the final song would be Gold.  A true classic that would have everyone on their feet singing along.  Who was correct?  You guessed it – it was me!  For those that know me well, you will be aware that of course I am always right and it is somewhat stupid to expect ANYONE to know more than me, especially about 80s music – my specialist subject!!!

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  1. Last night I was dreaming I was locked in a prison cell

    When I woke up I was screaming calling out your name.
    And the judge and the jury they all put the blame on me

    They wouldn’t go for my story
    they wouldn’t hear my plea.

    Only you can set me free

    ‘Cause I’m guilty – guilty – guilty as a boy can be.
    Come on
    can’t you see

  2. Simply staggering….it is said that everyone has a guilty secret…Russ has let his out !

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