Daily Archives: July 5, 2012

Incredible photo!

I subscribe to a website called www.photobotos.com which is a site where you can see one photo every day and read the story behind it.

The photos are always good but today this picture of a Great Ape really caught my imagination.

The photographer, Steve Mackay, calls this photo “Life Sentence” and says:

“This is Djanghou, a captive, adult male, Western Lowland Gorilla. The title is purely for effect, the Zoo this shot was taken at (Howletts) is doing fantastic work regarding conservation and it’s animal care……but I’m sure many of us feel that captive animals (especially complex and intelligent creatures like the Great Apes) are a shadow of what their wild selves should really be!, so this is the idea behind the image (and not a slight on the efforts of the Zoo that this Gorilla lives at).”

For more of Steve’s images take a look at www.stevemackayphotography.com/

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