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Making Haye in the rain!

Tonight, in the world of Boxing, David Haye, the man who is impossibly good looking for a boxer, put his reputation (and perhaps his life) on the line to fight Dereck Chisora, the man who threatened to shoot him in February!  At stake were the WBO and WBA international heavyweight titles.

In a very wet Upton Park Chisora was first in the ring to the sound of extremely loud boos from the crowd.  Then came Haye, bounding in to his signature theme “Ain’t no stopping us now” while the crowd chanted at Chisora “Who are you? Who are you?”, leaving us all in no doubt as to who the crowd wanted to win!

Chisora had predicted that he would win this fight in the 7th round.  In the end though it was Haye who was the victor in the 5th – it was an incredible finish with classic stuff from Haye, a left and right combination straight from the textbook.  Chisora’s legs went and Haye finished him off within 10 seconds. Haye was ecstatic, Del Boy looked a broken man.

Congratulations David – looking forward to the next one – but will it be against Klitschko?

Cracks are appearing in the glass

The term Glass Ceiling refers to “the seen, yet unbreachable barrier that keeps minorities and women from rising to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, regardless of their qualifications or achievements.  The Glass Wall – Refers to the phenomenon of high rates of women advancing to executive positions but only in certain industries.

Throughout history women have become aware of the strains being put on them and have begun to fight it. An example of this would be Hillary Clinton’s run for presidency, which is often seen as the highest glass ceiling in America.  While many women have already broken these barriers and have successfully become CEO’s of companies, putting a woman in the White House remains the ultimate challenge.

It was with delight, and not a little amazement, therefore to discover that the TUC, which throughout its 200 year history has always been “also known as the Men’s Movement”, has chosen a woman, Frances O’Grady, to be its new leader. 

Ms O’Grady (age 52) has been an active trade unionist and campaigner all her working life.  As Deputy General Secretary of the TUC since 2003, she led on winning the 2012 Principles of Co-operation Agreement with the Olympic Authorities, guaranteeing on-site minimum standards for local jobs, health and safety and the London living wage.  Ms O’Grady has also led on industrial policy arguing the case for a strategic approach to rebalancing the economy in the wake of the financial crash. Fair pay remains a core ambition and she represents the TUC on the Low Pay and the High Pay Commissions, and on the Resolution Foundation’s Commission on Living Standards. Frances is a strong believer in protecting the public service ethos, opposes privatisation and leads the TUC campaign to save the NHS.

There is no questioning her credentials or her suitability for this role.  A little part of me can’t help but think though that they thought they were appointing a Francis instead of a Frances – nudge, nudge, wink, wink!

Steer clear of Beer!

Perhaps as a result of the lack of investment in recent years, a road in Devon has been closed indefinitely after part of it collapsed.  Cracks – thought to be caused by persistent rain – began to appear on Old Beer Road in Seaton on Wednesday and within 48 hours part of the road had collapsed and Devon County Council is now concerned more of the road could disappear.  Members of the public have been urged to stay away from the “potentially dangerous” road.

The council said the road had dropped by about 1m (about 3ft) in the past 24 hours and barriers had been put up to prevent any access. 

But perhaps more sinister forces are at work?  Surely it is no coincidence that the road collapsed on Friday 13th?  The curse of paraskevidekatriaphobia strikes again!

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